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I learned breast massage- and I'm sure you have questions.

Last week I spent 32 hours learning breast massage. Specifically, The Spurgeon Method (referred to as TSM) for breast massage. TSM was created by Sally Spurgeon, her story is incredible.

If you would have told me while I was in massage school that I’d be attending a class specifically for breast massage, I wouldn't have believed you!

So how did I get to this class?

Over the past few years I have had several people ask me, do you know Sally Spurgeon? I didn't. They would reply with urgency: You need to meet Sally! I don't know everything, but I know that when enough people ask you the same question, it’s time to pay attention. So I decided to meet Sally, I actually spoke to her on the phone prior to class. Instantly I felt a connection as her passion for her work is palpable. Our class spent 4 days learning the anatomy of the breasts, breast health, what happens as breasts age, what happens to the breasts while pregnant, during lactation, as well as health issues with the breasts, including cancer. We learned about the types of breast surgeries including reconstructions. We practiced this technique on eachother and part of our training included meeting many women who have or had breast cancer and listening to their stories. They were kind enough to allow us to use our newfound skills on them. I’ve had several friends ask me how my training was, and I still don’t have the words. But I guess incredible is the word that will have to do for now. 

What is The Spurgeon Method for breast massage?

The protocol for this method includes massaging the back, shoulders, neck and the breasts. The techniques used in the protocol include Manual Lymphatic Drainage, PNF stretches, Myofascial Release, and regular massage. The purpose of this protocol is to help improve range of motion, help with pain, and reduce edema. This protocol is excellent for everyone, because everyone has breasts.

Can all massage therapists do breast massage?

Every state has their own rules regarding breast massage. The massage therapist needs to know the lows and receive training and certification. I will require all clients to sign a consent form for breast massage every single time they receive the work. I am appreciative to have a foundation of trauma informed care, because I think this work requires additional consideration. Also, prior to working with clients who have undergone treatment for cancer the MT should have Oncology Massage training. For this reason, I will be attending a course myself before accepting clients who have or have had breast cancer.

Who is this technique good for?

Everyone, because everyone has breasts. This work is wonderful for maintaining breast health, for anyone who has had a chest surgery, anyone who sits at a computer all day, anyone who has a job that requires their hands be out in front of them, athletes, anyone who wants to get more comfortable with their body and breasts, premenstrual pain, all women as we age and the breast tissue changes. As mentioned above, I am not yet working with clients who have had cancer but intend to. Also, this modality is not a diagnostic tool. Any detected changes in the clients tissue will be shared with the client and encouraged to be explored by a medical professional.

So when will breast massage be available for booking?

This week I am practicing on my friends and a few of my regular clients who sent me a message excitedly requesting to be a “guinea pig” , their words, not mine. I will be adding breast massage to my menu of services at the end of the this week!

I suspect folks will have a lot of questions about this modality, I am happy to discuss.

Please send me your questions:


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