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Currently available Las Vegas and distance services

I offer services in Las Vegas and virtually for those who don't live in the Las Vegas area.

Please scroll down for my distant and virtual services.

If you have any questions about my services or there suitability for you, please contact me.

Reiki in Las Vegas


​Reiki is a hands-on universal energy healing modality which allows your nervous system to relax, as you connect to your mind-body and spirit.​


This modality can help reduce stress, clear energy blocks, improve sleep quality and promote the body's ability to heal itself.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a floor based bodywork therapy that focuses on the muscles and joints, using a combination of compression and stretching.


Combo session

A wonderful session aimed at addressing both the energetic and physical body. 

Pure Bliss


Astrology *Coming June 2024

If you are curious as to how the planets play a role in why you are the way that you are, or want awareness around your 'default' tendencies, a birth chart is a great place to start!


A natal or birth chart is the snap shot of the sky the moment that you were born. Learn how the zodiac signs, planets, and houses lend their energies to our personality and our emotions.​​


Distant Reiki

You don't have to leave your house, and you can live anywhere in the world and still receive the benefits of reiki energy. 

Because energy knows no limits, this service works as effectively as in office sessions.

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