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Answering Your Thai Massage Questions!


I have had several questions about how Thai Massage is different for the client as well as for me, the practitioner. I love curiosity and I want more! So if I have missed anything, please send me an email.

You: As the client, how is Thai Massage different?

The client remains clothed, and the massage is done on a mat on the floor instead of a massage table.

  • Table massage is static, whereas Thai massage is dynamic.

  • Thai Massage moves a bit more slowly.

  • Less time is spent on the back. The reason is because many reasons for back pain/tightness are actually rooted elsewhere in the body: tight hips from sitting at a desk job, tight ankles from standing all day that leads to a change in your walking gait, etc. Our daily habits involve our entire body, so in Thai Massage we are making sure to see how the body is moving. However, the back will still be addressed.

  • Pressure is delivered from my feet, knees, hands, elbows, and sits bones. Broader surfaces apply broader pressure which the clients body receives better than pressure from a small surface area. This means I can typically work deeper but still comfortable. It also means that I'm able to address several muscles at the same time.

Me: As the massage therapist, how is Thai Massage different and why do I like doing it?

  • Working on the floor allows me to move the client's body in ways I am unable to on a massage table. I can move the body in every direction to get a sense of how the tissues and joints are moving. Being able to kneel, squat, and stand gives me leverage and the ability to adjust my pressure as well as move and stretch the clients body in the best ways for them.

  • Because I am working on the floor I have more opportunity to adjust my body mechanics to my work, I’m no longer navigating around a large rectangle. When my body feels better, my clients receive better work.

  • I have 2 hands, 2 fists, 2 elbows, 2 knees, 2 feet, 2 sits bones to use at any given moment. Because I have these options I am not relying on my hands and shoulders for all of my sessions. This also means that I have enough tools to adapt to clients of every size.

  • Since I don’t have to worry about draping I have more freedom to move my clients, and am also able to access parts of the body I’m unable to access with traditional massage.

What is Thai Massage doing for the client differently?

  • More attention is paid to the joints of the body, as well as the connective tissues like ligaments and tendons. Muscles are still worked, and the stretches also impact the facial lines, so we also work with the fascia. Thai Massage also includes the work of the Thai energy lines of the body. While my particular style of work doesn’t put a heavy emphasis on the Thai energy lines, they can’t help but be addressed as I work.

Did I miss anything?

Please send me your questions:


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