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Policies & FAQ

Answers to your common questions

Do you accept walk-ins?

All sessions are by appointment only.

To book a session please visit my online schedule or contact me

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand and respect the sometimes hectic schedules of clients and when given sufficient notice, appointments can be rescheduled, moved, or otherwise accommodated.

However, please understand that my operating hours are limited, and I am often booked well in advance.


There is no charge for cancellations or amendments received at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment.


If you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you may be charged the full amount for your session.

If you have prepaid for your session and cancel at least 24 hours prior to your session, you have the option to apply those funds towards your next scheduled session, or to receive a refund.

In the event that you fail to show up for your appointment without giving any notice you will be charged the full amount for the session.

An invoice will be sent to you using the email address on file and future appointments can't be booked or scheduled until the balance is paid.

I reserve the right to refuse future services at my discretion, to any client and for any reason.

What if I am feeling ill?

I ask that all clients please call if they are feeling ill, unwell or have a fever.


It is in both of our best interests to reschedule appointments in this case. Likewise, please understand if I ask to reschedule because I'm feeling ill or unwell.


Please note, massage or bodywork may not be advised if you're experiencing some health or medical conditions. If a massage could potentially be detrimental to you and your health, I reserve the right to decline to perform the massage.

Are there any medical conditions that would make massage inadvisable?

Yes. This is why I have an intake form that must be completed prior to your session.


I'll review this before you arrive and again with you prior to to beginning your session.


It's important that you inform me of any health conditions or medications you are taking. Certain medical conditions may require a discussion with your doctor prior to receiving bodywork.


As always, if I feel I'm not the best practitioner for you, I will referral you to someone that specializes in the type of bodywork that will help you most.

I've never had Reiki or Thai Massage what should I wear?

For Reiki and CranioSacral please wear your favorite cozy clothing.


For CranioSacral sessions I request that you not wear denim jeans, shorts or any belts.


For Thai Massage wear comfortable clothing that is stretchy and allows free range of movement. Leggings, athletic type of clothing, sweats, etc are perfect.

Can Reiki be done virtually?

Yes! They are called Reiki Flights!


Energy is limitless, clients have been pleasantly surprised at how incredible distance work feels.


Part of the beauty of this work is the ability to experience your session in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Code of Ethics

As a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) I follow a Code of Ethics, dictated by the State of Nevada.

All information clients provide, both written and verbal, will remain confidential.

I treat clients ethically and fairly and establish an atmosphere of trust and respect during each session. I ask the same of my clients in return.

I understand and recognize the effects of trauma, and want all my clients to feel physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe.


As a CMT my goal is to assist clients in meeting their goals of relaxation, stress reduction, and balance mind-body-spirit.

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