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Self-awareness through your sky *Coming June 2024

If you are curious as to how the planets play a role in why you are the way that you are, or wanting awareness around your 'default' tendencies, a birth chart is a great place to start!


A natal or birth chart is the snap shot of the sky the moment that you were born. Learn how the zodiac signs, planets, and houses lend their energies to our personality and our emotions.

Required for booking: Birth date, birth time (including am or pm), location of where birth took place (City, State, Country).

*If location is not available a reading can still be done, though this means we will not be able to establish a rising sign, or the houses. There will still be plenty of information for you. ​

* Natal chart readings are done over the phone.

Astrology Birth Chart Las Vegas


Natal chart readings are done over the phone.


60 minutes: $110

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