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Kind words from my amazing clients

Ashley E.

Jennifer is kind, inviting, and a true professional. She created a space of comfort and safety that allowed me to relax and truly enjoy her work/talent. Her services are a MUST!

Nicole K.

My session with Jennifer was amazing! I enjoyed learning about my birth chart and the astrology behind it. It honestly put so much into perspective for me and for that, I feel more in tune with myself as a whole. And I love that for me! Thanks again so very much.

Cassandra M.

I love that Jennifer addresses the physical and energetic.

I treat myself to a reiki massage with her every birthday.

She takes great care to make you comfortable and is great at what she does. Highly recommend her services!!

Gail S.

Love love love my monthly sessions with Jennifer!

Marge A.

Love the Reiki Massage and Reiki Healing and Thai Massage too. Jennifer does AMAZING work! She is so attentive to your needs and so good at what she does. I promise you, you need her in your life. She makes me feel Amazing.

Veronica TM.

My chart reading was great. I confirmed things I knew about myself and learned new ones that will help me to understand myself better and walk through this life with more grace toward myself and others.

Steve M.

I've never met a massage therapist more committed to her craft- she is constantly learning and evolving. Traveling the world to learn from other experts both old world and new world. I look forward to my continued treatment and strongly encourage you to consider her interconnected philosophical approach.


This is like a massage for my soul! Jennifer goes so much deeper than the body!

Deborah J.

I don't know how she does it, but I feel like I levitate off of the massage table during our reiki sessions! I always leave feeling like I got exactly what I needed from each and every session, even though they are never the same.

Mary L.

There's not a day that goes by that my frozen shoulders don't ache. Sometimes really painful.

Jennifer did a remote reiki and my shoulders felt terrific. I felt relaxed but alert and a little energetic.

The next day I got up (after a great night's sleep) and I felt energized and frisky. I went to the gym and had a fabulous workout.

I can't wait to move to Vegas and start experiencing regular energy treatments from Jennifer.

Allyson Mc.

I had the pleasure of visiting Jennifer Simons for a Thai massage, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. From start to finish, it was exceptional.

It was clear to me from the moment I arrived that Jennifer is a true professional with a calming and welcoming demeanor. She took the time to listen to my specific needs ensuring that the Thai massage was tailored to address my individual Issues.

The ambiance in her therapy room was tranquil and soothing, making it easy to relax and unwind.

The massage itself was wonderful; and Jenniter possesses an incredible skill set that left me feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

I highly recommend Jennifer Simons to anyone seeking a skilled, caring, and professional massage therapist. I will definitely be returning for more sessions in the future. Thank you for the outstanding experience!

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