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Summer News!

Happy Summer! Can you believe that it’s almost August? I know I can't! In my last newsletter I shared my goal of sending a monthly newsletter/blog post…as we say in the midwest, “Ope.” I got caught up settling into the new office (which I love by the way), taking classes…and life happened. So forgive me and please allow me to share all of the exciting news that has taken place since we last spoke:

I am a BBB accredited business!

My heart is so happy to learn that folks are thrilled with my business. And now I am official, I have the BBB seal on my website. Yay!

Sound Healing is in the office!

If you've been in the office this month you've likely noticed the beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowls. These bowls are hammered by hand by master artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. Each bowl was made on a full moon and rings to a specific note which resonates with a specific chakra. All massage services are closed with the heart chakra bowl, and all reiki sessions include the use of all bowls including the large crystal bowl.

I just ordered my dream massage table!

I know I should wait until it arrives but I can't contain my excitement, besides maybe the more people looking forward to it the more it will help the shipping gods get it here with ease (fingers crossed). I was spoiled by the adjustable massage tables I used while working on the Strip. This table is wider than my current table and since most of my services involve you lying face up for 60+ minutes, I wanted to make you as comfortable as possible. This table features the ability to electronically tilt the head of the table up, elevating your neck and chest which allows for neck support and sinus drainage, and elevating the knees which takes the pressure off your low back. When combined it can feel similar to the sensation of a zero gravity chair. Pure comfort while you bliss out!

New Sessions!

The new services land on the menu next month. You'll be able to book a Craniosacral session, add on a Thai Reflexology with a wooden stick to your massage sessions, and a brand new service inspired by my Grandmother is coming. I'm still working on the name though I am considering naming it after her. My grandmother is the reason I got into the healing arts, touch therapy field. She never had any formal training but she had the gift of healing touch, just by simply putting her hands on you you'd feel better. She was pretty incredible.

Additional Weekend Hours!

I took a poll on instagram and clients asked for more weekend options! If you've had an appointment with me during the fall or winter I've asked you to text me when you get to your car, or I've walked out with you. The fact is most of my clients are women and I am not a fan of my clients or myself leaving the office after dark. So during the cooler months I'm shortening my hours during the week while also giving you weekend daylight hours. Every first and third Saturday of every month is now open, and every first Sunday of the month is now open, 9am-1pm. In the months where the days are shorter I've extended those hours to 9am-3pm.

So please stay tuned as next month's newsletter will contain all the details about these new


I look forward to seeing you in the office!



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