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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Reiki Session

1.Arrive with an open mind

We all know someone who has had a reiki session. I tell my clients, every reiki session will be completely different as you will receive exactly what you need at that moment.

Some folks experience profound sessions, some experience mild sessions. There is no right or wrong. Because of that I ask that you keep an open mind.

2. Manage your expectations

Yes, reiki energy is a wonderful modality, it is complementary to other modalities as well as therapy. Even though reiki feels like it ‘happens to you’ you are still responsible for your day to day, and the choices you make.

My clients know I'm going to give it to them straight, compassionately but direct.

Translation: If you opt out of daily self-care, if you continue to make choices that stress you to the max...that's on you. Reiki isn’t a magic wand that changes your entire life for you. It will support you, however you are in control of things outside of our session.

It’s also important to note that a reiki session for the first time, after a long time, or after a big event in your life will likely feel more intense than your regular monthly appointments. If we’ve had more time away from reiki, or a major life event- it makes sense that the session will feel more intense as our emotions and energetic imbalances are bigger.

During monthly maintenance we will still feel relaxed, grounded and all the benefits of reiki, but the session may feel more ‘quiet’. This is completely normal, and this is actually the goal!

3. Don't pay attention to me

After we’ve chatted about what the flow of a session is like and I have received your consent to cover your eyes, it’s normal to be curious about what I’m doing.

You’re experiencing new energy sensations, heat, smells, sounds. Your mind will tug at your attention, “Where is she now? What do you think makes that sound? Oh, I like that smell- I’m going to have to remember to ask her what that was!”

To maximize the benefits of our time together I ask my clients to simply notice when their curiosity begins to lead them away from their breath. Notice it without judgement, and bring it back to the breath. That being said, you always have the right to speak up in your session.

You may ask questions, and express any discomfort you have. And if you forget to ask me about that oil that smelled so good, send me a text or email when you do remember.

4. Don’t attach to your thoughts and get carried away

As in #3 It's important to mention that our mind is designed to think. We are so busy that when we slow down our mind brings up the things we’ve avoided while being busy.

It’s easy to anchor to those thoughts and allow them to carry us away- this is why meditation can be so challenging. I ask that you bring your mind to your breath, and follow the breath. Sometimes we do this several times in a session. It’s okay and it is normal!

5. Don’t judge what comes up

In some sessions a client cries, the next session they float out of the room on a cloud of joy. I have one client who only craves a steak after her reiki sessions.

I personally crave salty things after I’ve had reiki. Sometimes I come home and curl up under a blanket, going to bed at 7pm. Sometimes I come home and clean my house from top to bottom. Every session is what the client needs. All emotions are normal, all sessions are normal. We don’t judge how we feel.

6. Refrain from mood altering substances

This is a big one. Some reiki teachers have different time frames for this. I ask that my clients refrain from all mood altering substances (outside of their medication prescribed by their doctor) for at least 36 hours. I am referring to drugs and alcohol.

After reiki you are processing, even integrating things that may come up, and continue to come up post session. You may feel sensitive, vulnerable, and any other emotion. My goal for you is to have that experience go well. We need to be present in this moments.

7. Stay consistent!

Most things in our life require maintenance: our car, our teeth, and our self-care! I recommend clients come in monthly for reiki tune-ups, and after any big life events, to support their journey. I often tell my clients, if we neglect our car for years, it will break down and when we take it into the shop, we'll be met with a list of items in need of repair to get the car humming back along.

Where as if we take our car in for it’s recommended tune-ups we're able to keep it humming along with less hiccups-ups. We are no different, our self-care requires consistency for us to show up as best we can for ourselves, and reiki is one of my favorite ways to support you.

Still need a few more reasons to book a reiki session? Let me know!


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